Basic Essentials

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BE blends beautiful modern style and convenience with an assortment of prepware, organization, and mixing bowl sets.


Basic Essentials has been an adored brand for more than 20 years while supplying homes with fundamental culinary tools.

Setting out with the goal to release quality products for every budget, we designed and manufactured a number of durable and trendy collections that last households for years. We believe that with properly functioning and stylish kitchenware, more people will be inspired to explore their culinary creativity.

Perfect for starter-homes, Basic Essentials offers simple, smart, and innovative kitchenware products at the value people crave. From our ceramic non-stick collection to the extra-durable pre-seasoned cast iron collection, to our new oven-to-table thermal shockproof bakeware collection, we have an entire line-up to keep your kitchen fully stocked and up-to-date.

So, if you want the best value in prep, cook and serve products, get the brand that puts the fun in functional – Basic Essentials.